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Our consultants are talented professionals with successful real life experiences in their fields of expertise. They can support you with unbiased professional guidance and cross-cultural business acumen.

  • A unique perspective from industry experience
  • Transfer of skills acquired over years
  • Assistance in new applications & customer acquisitions.
  • Wide coverage for international marketing
  • Cross-cultural business acumen
1. Brent Pennington
2. Kevin Delehant
3. Dr. T.V. Jayaraman
4. Mirek Kula


Brent Pennington - Director, JayCo Consulting

Brent Pennington is a veteran of the lottery industry. Mr. Pennington has deep experience gained in the government side of the lottery business while serving on the executive management teams of both Washington State and the Virginia Lottery. For both lotteries, Pennington began soon after the passage of the enabling legislation and served from start-up through the first six years of on-going operations launching instant then online games.

Pennington was a marketing innovator throughout his terms in Virginia and Washington, breaking through the status quo of the industry by pushing for new practices more closely allied to the practices of Fortune 500 consumer products firms. Many of those new practices became the standards of the lottery industry in North America.

Pennington was active in the first phases of telemarketing and automated ordering with inventory control tied with computer systems. He was involved in the first standardized point-of-sale merchandising programs, the first on-going employee incentive programs in state government, the development, pilot-testing and implementation of ticket merchandiser-dispensers and finally wide scale ticket vending. Pennington implemented the first instant ticket vending machine program launch in the U.S.

Pennington has frequently been a speaker, panelist and committee member within lottery industry trade activities. Pennington, a Certified Sales Executive, was active in the American Marketing Association, was the President of Sales and Marketing Executives, Inc. of Richmond, Virginia. He has authored articles in Public Gaming magazine, LSR Report, Lottery Seller magazine, and contributed to articles in C-Store News, LaFleur’s Lottery magazine, The Grocer, and other marketing and retail industry trade journals. Mr. Pennington contributed business case studies published in college textbooks.

Mr. Pennington served as Director of Retail Development for the lottery industry’s largest supplier. He was an advisor on contract to Camelot, the operator of the U.K. Lottery for start-up and through the introduction of instant products. In its first year, the UK lottery became the highest grossing and most efficient lottery in the world. Mr. Pennington has worked with many of the lotteries in Western Europe, Central Europe and the former USSR including the present day Russia Federation.

Mr. Pennington was the Chief Operating Officer Games Services International organizing television shows and related TV Bingo lottery products in the Federation of Russia, prior to the economic collapse of 1998. .

Mr. Pennington has worked with state lotteries, private lotteries and licensed operators working under state and federal licenses. He is an innovator of new practices and technologies – in the latest case preparing the internal business case for the development of GTECH’s Player Express in-lane terminal for supermarkets.

From his role in senior management as a director in lottery organizations, Mr. Pennington has vast experience with operational issues and decisions. He has worked directly with investors, governments, lotteries and gaming interests in N. America, S. America, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Pennington has collaborated with the major instant and on-line lottery suppliers. He knows their products, systems, and corporate strengths and weaknesses. He has worked in situations of vendor reliance through facilities management agreements, and in independent lottery-operated systems where the lottery owns and operates the entire IT and communications environment. He knows the advantages and weaknesses of the various operations models, and how to optimize and leverage technology to maximize revenue. Brent Pennington has been a full-time consultant since 1999 and he began lottery consulting in Hungary, U.K., and Russia in 1992.

Kevin Delehant Executive Consultant, Lottery and Gaming Practice

Kevin Delehant is a well known lottery consultant with more than 20 years of service to the industry. He has provided expertise to lotteries in Asia for more than 10 years and keeps his office and residence in Bangkok.

Mr. Delehant is a specialist in the sector of lotteries and gaming including the markets of China, the Far East and the Southeast Asia rim. Kevin has provided lottery services through Winpointe Systems and before that Scientific Games International (SGI) which is the world’s leader in instant ticket printing and related services. For SGI, Kevin worked the markets of the U.S., U.K., Europe and the CIS countries of the former Soviet Union. He was the regional director of international sales and marketing responsible for Southeast Asia.

Kevin Delehant has been involved in start-up implementation projects, designed and conducted training and organized on-going lottery operations support functions in all aspects of instant lottery products. He has designed and created a significant number of instant lottery games working with government agencies, lotteries, lottery employees and retailers. Kevin was also a pioneer in the implementation of online lottery systems and marketing programs for online lotteries.

Mr. Delehant has played a role in the lotteries of Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia, Lithuania, South Africa, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates and others in Europe and Asia. In the U.S., he provided services in support of Iowa, Florida, Virginia, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin and Nebraska along with others.

“Kevin Delehant is an acknowledged expert in the lottery sector with significant accomplishments, contacts and experience in the market of Asia which is poised for immediate growth”, said Brent Pennington, the director and practice leader of the Lottery and Gaming Practice of JayCo Consulting. “Kevin knows instant and online games, marketing, distribution, training, product design, lottery technology and how to bring together the business aspects of lotteries to increase revenues.”

T.V. (Dr. Jay) Jayaraman Managing Director

“Dr. Jay” holds advanced degrees in Polymer Science (PhD) awarded by the University of Alabama and an MBA in International Marketing from prestigious Bryant University conferred in 2005. In the Lottery and Gaming practice, Jay provides services in the area of strategic planning, negotiations, organizational development and product marketing among others.

Dr. Jay has many years of diversified international business experience, including planning, technical management and international marketing. Dr. Jayaraman is an accomplished technology marketing professional with proven ability to develop and implement strategic plans for product development/launch, business development and global marketing.

Jay is well recognized as a business expert for India, assisting companies to expand or set up business in India. He has traveled widely in Japan, Taiwan, India and Europe and lived and worked in India, Belgium and USA.

Jay is the co-founder and Managing Director of JayCo Consulting Inc., a consulting organization based in Rhode Island, with affiliates in India, Australia, Russia and Central America. In this capacity, Jay has guided companies in developing and implementing business and marketing strategies and market entry programs. Jay has worked for prestigious companies like Arch Chemicals (now known as Fuji Film Electronic Materials), Technicon Instrument Corporation, ATMI Packaging and Indian Space Research Organization.

Mirosław (Mirek) Kula Senior Consultant, Systems and Technology

Mirek Kula offers more than two decades of industry leading experience in the innovative application of information and networking technologies including strategic technology planning for growth and profitability; network and system design and development; technological due diligence; M&A analysis and negotiation, and strategic planning for international business expansion.

Mirek’s contributions include the sectors of payment services, lottery and gaming systems, communications and networking services. Mirek has interest and expertise in new digital media driven by technology. He has contributed extensively to the international standards-setting bodies for these industries. He holds patents and has outstanding patent applications related to transaction processing in the gaming industry. Mirek’s experience is truly international, having worked extensively throughout North America, Europe, and several countries in the Pacific Rim and South America.

Most recently, Mirek has led the International Business Development efforts at mPay International Ltd (MPI), a mobile payments systems and services provider. Previously, Mirek served as a senior member of the Innovation Center of GTECH Corporation, the leading global lottery services company, where he focused on the generation, evaluation, and prioritization of new technologies and business models. As Director, Technology Standards, he served as the company’s representative to several technology standardization steering committees and working groups, including ANSI and ITU-T; and formulated and managed the company’s Academic Cooperation Program with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Brown University, and the University of Science and Technology, Krakow (Poland). He held leadership positions in the company’s Architecture Review Board where he spearheaded the implementation of Enterprise Technology Architecture. He also served on teams for the VP of Corporate Development, COO, and CTO where he conceptualized new, non-core business related ventures, and developed and applied comparative infrastructure assessment models for cost/quality optimization and feasibility projects.

Prior to entering the corporate world, Mirek spent three years in at the University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland, as an instructor and researcher. Mirek holds a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science degree and a Master of Computer Science degree, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland.